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I have tried a lot of different papers through the years. Mainly because the paper I've used go out of stock and are not available anymore and I am forced to try new stuff. I generally keep to the paper I know and like if I am able to as it's hard to find the perfect paper.

Here is some of the paper I currently use.

This drawing pad from Schoellershammer is excellent for charcoal. It has a very smooth satin surface which is really great to work on. Since my usual Winsor&Newton paper went out of stock in Denmark this is the next best paper in my opinion.

schoellershammer Drawing Paper Smooth

This paper pad is my favourite for charcoal. It has a very smooth matte surface which is fantastic to work with.

Winsor Newton Smooth Surface Drawing Paper

This paper I bought as it had a very grainy structure as oppose to the usual very smooth and thin paper I have tried available for markers.
It's great to work on, the markers blend easily together and the colours are more vibrant than the smooth surface marker paper. It can also be used for pencils but I would only recommend it if you work mainly with markers.
Canson Illustration Manga for Markers