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Gift Certificates

Got a gift?

How to use your gift certificate:

When you have received a gift certificate and want to use it follow these steps:

- Choose the tubes you wish from
- Write the titles of the tubes you wish to receive
- Send the titles in an email to
Please include the order number and license number of the person who gave you the gift certificate.
- You will receive your gifted tubes shortly after.
In order to use my tubes you must have a license number (if you don't already you need to register at my shop: Register).

Gift someone?

When you want to gift someone, do as follows:

Buy the wished gift certificate from
- Download the gift certificate from my shop (same way you download tubes) Send the gift certificate to your friend along with the order number and your license number (you find the order number on your paypal receipt or on the invoice from my shop). It’s important you include this as the person you gift need to show both the order number and your license number in order for it to be valid.
- The person you've gifted will receive the tubes shortly after.

Gift Certificates
Buy them here:
Gift Certificate