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Breast Cancer Awareness 2008

October is the international breast cancer awareness month.
It's something I like to support as it's
an aweful and unfair disease. It hits so many women and a lot of the time you are helpless against it. It’s scary that you can’t prevent it from hitting you, even if you live healthy and well.
I believe putting much focus on it and helping out collecting money for research we can make a difference, even if it's small.

My drawing this year is called Strenght and represents the strength you need to find in yourself when battling cancer even when you feel bare and vulnerable. You can see more about the drawing here.

I am selling prints, tubes and bookmarks with this drawing, half the profit will go to the Danish Fight Cancer organization.
Click the images below to see each product available.
TubeBCA Bookmark

I am also selling prints, tubes, postcards and bookmarks with previous drawings Believe from 2008 and my drawing Hope from 2007.
Both can be find at the Shop.

Thank you in advance to everyone who supports this, it's truly wonderful ♥


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