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- Tutorial -
I'm making changes in this part of the tutorial so you will only be able to see the face and eye in progress. However the rest will be here soon.

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Face Tutorial Face
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- How To Draw a face -
(With Pencil)

The best way to explain to you how I draw, is to show you!
I've choosen to draw a picture of Alicia Silverstone. It's a really great motiv, because it has a lot of good dark shadows and lot of contrast - in other ways, it's perfect! The greatest pictures is made out of photos with lot of shadows, highlight - contrast.

Shall we begin?
You can click at any of the pictures below to see them in a larger size. You should do that to see the details.

The making of a face(Alicia Silverstone)

Alicia Drawing Original
This is the picture I want to draw. I've chosen a particular part of her which I will draw.
Alicia Drawing Step 1

First you should draw up the lines weakly/faintly.
Place eyes, nose and mouth in the right positions and also the shape of the head is a good idea (you can hardly see the lines on my drawing, but they are there). When you have done that you can start adding shadows on the eyes (or any other place you want, but I always start with the eyes, because they are my favourite part of the face)
Alicia Drawing Step 2
The eyes have got some more shading. The shape of the face is beginning to show to the left.
Alicia Drawing Step 3
I've drawn up the lines on her hand a bit darker and her eyes a bit deeper (more shadow).
Alicia Drawing Step 4
Her nose if beginning to take form and her mouth is also beginning to appear.If you look at the original photo of her and this one (enlarge both of them and compare them). You will see that what I do is to draw exactly what I see.
Alicia Drawing Step 5
More shadows added. Still, draw what you see and do it a bit at a time. You need to work with the shadows to make them darker. Don't rush it or you won't get the soft transition. At this time of the drawing I've already used 2 hours!
Alicia Drawing Step 6
More shadows around mouth and nose + a little hair.
Alicia Drawing Step 7
You see the pattern?
Alicia Drawing Step 8
More shadows in the right side of her face and a little more of her hair.
Alicia Drawing Step 9
More hair added
Alicia Drawing Step 10
I've worked some more on her hand.
Alicia Drawing Step 11
I've worked some more on the hair and her hand.
Alicia Drawing Step 12
I've worked some more on her hair and a bit on her face!
Alicia Drawing Step 13
She's almost done. I only need some shadows on her hand and a bit hair.
Alicia Drawing Step 14 - Finished
Now she is completely finished :)

- How To Draw Eyes -
(With Pencil)

Here you can follow step by step how I make an eye...
By the way, it's my own eye.

Original Eye
Eye Step 1
First I draw up the lines weakly.
Eye Step 2
After that I begin to put in the shades as with the face.
Eye Step 3
Eye Step 4
Eye Step 5
Eye Step 6
Eye Step 7
Eye Step 8
Finish! You can click on the image to see a larger version of the result!

- How to draw Lips -
(With Pencil)


Lips Part 1

Lips Part 2

Lips Part 3

Lips Part 4
Lips Part 5

Lips Part 6
Lips Part

- How to draw a nose -
(With Pencil)

Original Nose.Nose Step 1.Nose Step 2.Nose Step 3.Nose Step 4.Nose Step 5.