- With Thorns -

I wasn’t quite sure where I was going with this one, I just knew I wanted to do red hair and roses. I originally wanted the roses to be white but they ended up a mix between rose and purple. I am not sure I like them, they might have worked better as a dark purple, against the green dress. I guess it’s that little detail making me not completely satisfied with the whole drawing.
I wished for the drawing to have a natural feel to it, with the earth colours being dominant.
I feel she has a very piercing look, like she could eat you up just by her look. It’s actually what I fell for in Jessica’s stock photo - this strong piercing look of hers. I thought it fitted for a beautiful looking girl with a thorny side. Sort of symbolising how looks can be deceiving.
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Made with soft pastels.
(30x40cm | 12x16")
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With Thorns
© Zindy S. D. Nielsen