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Here you can find my lastest drawings; fantasy, emotional, gothic & portraits in charcoal, pencils and pastels. You can also find the drawings in the different galleries with a description and much more details.
Spring Ready Drawing Spring Ready, Posted 29/3-2013
Blue Fairy Girl Drawing Blue Fairy Girl, Posted 27/3-2013
Nighttime Blue Pinup Girl Drawing Nighttime Blue Pinup, Posted 23/3-2013
Breaking Pretty Drawing Breaking Pretty, Posted 22/3-2013
Purple Summer Fairy Drawing Purple Summer Fairy, Posted 20/3-2013
Hearts and Stripes Fairy Drawing Hearts and Stripes Fairy Pinup, Posted 20/3-2013
Sitting Pretty Pinup Drawing Sitting Pretty, Posted 9/3-2013
Ocean Dreamer Drawing Oceanic Dreamer, Posted 9/3-2013
Red and Gold Pinup Drawing Red and Gold Pinup, Posted 8/3-2013
Cherry Blossom Girl Pinup Drawing Cherry Blossom Girl, Posted 5/3-2013
Spring Hope Fairy Drawing Spring Hope Fairy, Posted 3/3-2013
Cherry Girl Pinu Drawing Cherry Girl Pinup, Posted 1/3-2013
Cute for you Pinup Cute for you Pinup, Posted 1/3-2013
Pretty in blue Pretty in blue, Posted 1/3-2013
Easter Baby Pinup Drawing Easter Baby, Posted 1/3-2013
Soccer Sweetie Pinup Soccer Sweetie Pinup, Posted 1/3-2013
Irish Cutie Drawing Irish Cutie Pinup, Posted 27/2-2013
Set me free drawing Set me free, Posted 13/2-2013
Katie Drawing Katie, Posted 13/2-2013
Alessandra Native Drawing Alessandra, Posted 12/2-2013
Heartbreaker Pinup Heartbreaker Pinup, Posted 11/2-2013
Pink Summer Pinup Drawing Pink Summer Pinup, Posted 11/2-2013
Forgotten Dreams Drawing Forgotten Dreams, Posted 7/2-2013
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy Drawing Little Puppy, Posted 2/2-2013
Angel with love drawing Angel of love, Posted 30/1-2013
Peaceful Drawing Peaceful, Posted 30/1-2013
Red Shop Pinup Red Shoes Pinup, Posted 22/1-2013
Purple Summer Pinup Purple Summer Pinup, Posted 17/1-2013
A delicate love drawing A delicate love, Posted 12/1-2013
Girl with the striped heart drawing Girl with the striped heart, Posted 12/1-2013
The absence of you drawing The absense of you, Posted 9/1-2013
Little Feather Drawing Little Feather Pinup, Posted 7/1-2013
  January Angel, Posted 3/1-2013
Angel of new beginnings drawing Angel of new beginnings, Posted 30/12-2012
Love Me Drawing Love Me Angel, Posted 30/1-2012

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