- Love Me -

This drawing is very special for me. It's an image I've been wanting to draw for a very long time. It all started when I saw the beautiful emotive photo of a friend, Rebecca (LINK). I was drawn to the image and saw this fragile angel all black and white with a touch of colour. I was very happy when the photo became available as a stock photo and started the drawing shortly after.

It's representing this fragile place you are in when you give your heart to someone. There is always the chance it will be broken in a thousand pieces but if you don't dare to give your heart away you will never know love. (Luckily some love stories ends happy)

The drawing is also a bit like "the love me, love me not" game you did as a child pulling off one petal at a time and eventually you would know...

Colour pencils.
(40x30 cm | 16x12cm)

Love Me Angel
© Zindy S. D. Nielsen