- Please my wings, take me away -

This drawing is one of my most favourite drawings I have ever done. I started it in the early spring 2006, which is actually really a long time ago now, considering it's now December, but still it feels like it was just yesterday. The drawing is really personal and has to do with a lot of issues I was going through at the time.
One night I was feeling so lonely and sad that I was sitting on my chair wearing the exact clothing as on the drawing, just crying and feeling so lost. I don't know why, but I took a picture of it cause somehow I wanted to remember. In a way it's comfortable looking back at the picture knowing it's in the past, that's things brigtened up eventually.
I used a really long time to make this drawing. Just about every part have taken me an amazing amount of time, the skirt, the shading on the legs, the feathers, not to mention the background which I shaded in many layers to get just the right depth at certain areas.
I feel pleased with the drawing and it will be one of these drawings I will always remember, both the meaning and the time I made it.
I would like to dedicate this drawing to Joane, thanks for being such a big support and sweet friend.

Made with a B pencil.
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Please my wings, take me away
© Zindy S. D. Nielsen