- Dark Star -

Just testing if my new drawing paper can draw seductive dark girls too ;)

It was some work to do the red background and to get her hair and clothing this dark. This paper is best with light colours it seems but still it turned out alright after lots of layers. I am happy the paper didn’t rip.
I have wanted to do a darker girl, with black hair and red/black outfit to get another expression than using pink/black. It somehow looks more in the eye. The dress is my own, expect it’s light pink and black. The bra part I made up. I had to give her light piercing green eyes, as I think it looks amazing with black hair and a little tan.
The title is simply her little star tattoo on her hip. I used a reference as base for her body but changed both shading/the way the light fell and her face.
Made with Suprasoft colour pencils, which are simply the best.
(29,7x21cm | 11x8")
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Dark Star
© Zindy S. D. Nielsen