Conditions of Use

Conditions of use

Welcome to the ZindyZone Shop.
ZindyZone Shop and it's partners offer you the usage of this website on the following conditions:.

See our note on privacy at Privacy.

Electronic communication
When you visit the ZindyZone Shop or sends us email, you are communicating with us electronicly. You will then agree to recieve electronic communications from us. We will communicate with you through emails or by noticees on this website.

All material on this website, such as texts, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio, and downloadable software is the property of ZindyZone Shop or ZindyZone Shop partners. All software used on this website is the property or ZindyZone Shop or it's software providers.

License and website usage.
ZindyZone Shop grants you a limited license of this website for personal usage and not for download (except normal cache functions) or changes of the website or parts there of. Except with written permission from ZindyZone shop
This license does not include any forms of reselling or usage with commercial goals, including collections of product listings, descriptions or prices; any usage or copying of this website, or informations on this website for usage on other websites, any form of data-mining and robots. You are not allowed to use frame techniques with the purpose of hiding logos, or the origin of webpages (including images, texts, layout or pages). Any unauthorized usage requires express written permission from the ZindyZone Shop.

Your account
As a user of this website, you are required to uphold the confidentiality of your account and password, through limited usage of your computer and you accept responsibility of any events that may occur usage of your account.

All products bought at the ZindyZone Shop will stay the property of ZindyZone shop untill you recieve the product. This means that we take responsibility for products lost while shipping, however you have the risk for all return products while shipping to us.

Product descriptions
While we do our best to ensure that all descriptions are up to date and correct, we take no responsibility for any errors in the description or picture of products. If a product on the ZindyZone Shop is not as described, you only option is to return it in unused condition 

Terms of Use - Tubes

When using ZindyZone Tubes you must abide by the following rules:

1. All tags made with my drawings must have my copyright on them:
© Zindy S. D. Nielsen as well as my website address:
You are allowed to add your own watermark or name on the creations.

Note: If you are a part of a MSN group not allowing links to adult content you can leave my website out and instead add ZindyZone.

Facebook Covers: According to the rules of FB you are not allowed to add website addresses on covers. Please replace the website address with ZindyZone.

2. All your tags must contain the initials ZZT followed by you license number. Your license number is your customer number, which you receive at the first order you make in my shop. You can see your customer number at the top of each order notification email you get. If you are customer number 284, you must write as follows ZZT284.
If you forget your license number/customer number you can always go back to your order emails and find it or get it when you order a new tube.

3. All tubes are between 500-600 px at it’s widest side. The tube is to remain the size you receive and is not to be made larger. You are however allowed to make it smaller.
All tubes are professionally done by my tuber Lisa Ansell.

4. All tubes and packs will be downloaded as zip files.

5. Full colourings of black and white tubes are allowed as well as turning coloured tubes into black and white. Sparkles, glittery and other moving elements are allowed. Borders, letters and names may be added. No indecent “breathing” is allowed.

6. You are welcome to use the tubes for tutorials. You must place a link to ZindyZone as well as keep the copyright information and license number on the tag as stated above. You should also add that anyone using the tutorial must purchase their own tube at ZindyZone Shop.
7. Creating desktops and calendars are allowed but only for personal non-profit usage.

8. Mixing ZindyZone Tubes with other artists are not allowed.

9. The tubes are only for online/digital use. They may not be printed, or used in any commercial matter or used for profit, without written permission.

10. The tubes are only for personal use.
No file sharing is allowed, the tubes you buy are only to be used by you, the buyer, and are not to be shared. This includes distribution through any electronic or digital means, such as sharing through any groups, emails and other downloadable digital medias.
Illegal share of my tubes will result in exclusion of the ZindyZone Shop and revoked license.

11. No strongly pornographic or racism themes are allowed when using my drawings/tubes. As some of my drawings contain sensuality and nudity I of course allow my tubes being used in such manners but no inappropriate use please.

12. There is no refund on tubes and packs purchased at the ZindyZone Shop.

13. ZindyZone reserves the right to change and add content to Terms of use at any time. Customers will be notified on any major changes through ZindyZone.

14. ZindyZone has the right to prosecute lawsuits against any person causing infringements of the Terms of use.

15. Any illegal use of ZindyZone Tubes shall be reported to

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