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Zindy Publications and Interviews

Here you can find some of the interviews and features with me and my art.

Book and Puclications

Zindy Art Christie Silvers Book Series This book series by Christie Silvers feature my drawings.
Zindy Interview Les Soupirs de ligeria I was featured in the French magazine; Les Soupirs de ligeia in July 2011. You can read my interview about why I like Gothic art, my inspirations and much more.

The issue can be bought here (July, number 3):
http://azyliseyes.free.fr/ boutique.html
Zindy Interview Duemilla Article in the Italian magazine, Duemila.
May 2011.
Speedball Bienfang Zindy Art I was happy to have my drawing featured on the Bienfang by Speedball. It's a great honour as art is such a big part of m life.
Online Interviews
Artists Corner Zindy Interview I was interviewed for the Tagger Blog, Artist Corner.
Zindy Interview DXMagz I was featured in the November issue of DZMagz.