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Zindy S. D. Nielsen ZindyZone

My name is Zindy S. D. Nielsen and I live in beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark.

Art has been a passion of mine since 2000-2001. I drew when I was a little girl as well but it wasn’t till later on I found my true passion for drawing. Through the years I have tried different mediums and motives but till this day charcoal remains my favourite and I’ll always love drawing emotive sad girls.

I’m a bit of a melancholic girl though I am quite positive in general. I’ve always found beauty in sadness and I love portraying it. I think it’s one of the most powerful things; drawing out emotions.

I love the magical world of angels, fairies and butterflies. It reminds me of sweet childhood dreams and I think we all should keep dreaming as much as possible in this world. I love spring and autumn, both represents change;  the beginning and end. Spring when everything in nature become green and colourful after a long grey and cold winter. Autumn the season of goodbye, where everything looks harmonic in colours and leaves fly away and gets replaced by winter’s cold.
I love spring and summer rain, there is a special feel to it and the smell afterwards.

I hate the end of a perfect day, I want to hold on to it, because sooner or later the memory fades away and disappears.. Negative dishonest people as well as people who steals art and pretend it’s theirs. Bullying, whether it be (between) children or grown ups, it does un-reparable damage.

I find my inspiration in a lot of things such as nature, people around me, music and most of all my emotions and things I have experienced.

I listen to a lot of different music but some of my favourite musicians are; Imogen Heap, Lene Marlin, Rome, Goo Goo Dolls, Maren Ord, Heather Nova, Taking Back Sunday, Secondhand Serenade.
Favourite shows through the years: Dark Angel, Surface, Dawson’s Creek, Lost, Jericho and of course The Simpsons. Favourite actress is Jessica Alba and my favourite Danish comedian is without a doubt the genious Frank Hvam.

Through the years I have been blessed with the fantastic support of my close friends, family, love and fans. You’ve made it possible to fulfil my dream of making a living of my art.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!