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I am licensed with the following companies with cross stitch patterns and prints.

Heaven and Earth Designs Zindy
Cross Stitching

Rage in Eden Zindy
Canvas prints and more at Rage in Eden

Get the Limited Print Edition of An angel too soon
and support The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.


The websites of friends & artists I admire.

Deviant Art
This big art community is a really amazing place if you are an artist in any way. Whether it be traditional art, fantasy art, photography or digital art.
You can find me here:

Alphonse Mucha
The amazing painter
Gerard Kuipers Drawings
This artist was one of my very favourites when I refound my passion for drawing around 2001. His soft and beautiful celebrity drawings caught my interest right away.
Christiane Vleugels
An amazing painter from Belgium, she has become one of my favourite painters of all time.
Nicole's Artwork
Nicole Roy from Canada; one of my favourite painters because of her smooth and dreamy painting style. Besides her talent she has the most beautiful personality.
Such an amazingly talented and unique artist.
The dark and unique art of Ralf Straaberg.
Rebecca Sinz
Amazing fantasy artist
A talented pencil artist.
Beautiful painter from Spain

Art Shop

Where it all begins...

Caran d'Ache
Faber Castell

Passion of Zindy

Aside from drawing I love nature, the sea in particilar. I have always been fascinated by the ocean but have gone from being a bit of afraid of the deep sea to being fascinated. After watching numerous movies and docomentaries over the years it has sparkled my interest and it has opened my eyes to how important it is to take action now and help our nature not being destroyed.

If you are not aware or have seen this movie I highly recommend it. It touched me deeply.

The Cove

An incredible scary and moving documentary, showing that doing something matters in the end.

The Nature Conservancy

Dreamcatchers for abused children

A bit of everything

Who doesn't love Zelda
Dark Chronicle
The second game in the serie, just as amazing as Dark Cloud.

SSX (Tricky)
Good old days with one of my favourite games.