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About: has existed since July 2001. My site is made partly in html and Dreamweaver.

As I am not a web designer everything I have done is build and designed by myself and took quite some time to design and create. Though it's not super advanced I feel proud of it cause it's my very own creation. I love simple, pure and beautiful things, that's why my design is the way it is.

Originally I made my site to show my drawings. My site has developed through the years, adding the ZindyZone Shop and the ZindyZone Forum.
My wish is that you have a good time being here and perhaps get inspired to follow you own dreams. is run and maintained by myself. I have a team of talented and professional people working with me in different areas.
My technical support and co-admin Brian Lund Larsen.
My copyright manager and my tuber Lisa Ansell.


Everything on is copyrighted © Zindy S. D. Nielsen. This includes any artwork, photos, text and design. My work do not belong to the public domain.

You may not reproduce/re-draw any of my drawings without written permission.
If you want to use a drawing of mine, such as the idea you need to contact me first at and get permission. Not only is it a copyright violation but it's also disrespectful to steal others hard work and ideas.

Copyright Infringement:
Any copyright violation should be reported to

Most of the time I allow my artwork to be used in school projects and other non commercial use, so don't hesitate to ask.
If I find out you've done it without permission you will be asked to remove the artwork and my copyright manager will take care of it.

General usage of my drawings:

My drawings on your site / non commercial use

I allow my drawings to be displayed on other websites.
Feel free to post my drawings on your personal website, blogs, fan sites etc. as long as you always link back to my website: I will also appreciate you mentioning my name along with the piece if possible.

Commercial Use

If you wish to use my drawings for selling matters, such as usage for CD's, posters and t-shirts you need to contact me first and make an agreement.
If not it's considered copyright infringement and my copyright manger will be put on the case.

Colouring/Tags/PSP Tubes
For the use of my drawings in msn groups/tagging please visit For Taggers to see more info:
For Taggers

Commission work:

I offer commission work.
If you wish to have a special drawing done, either a realistic portrait or a fantasy piece visit here for more information on prices and more.


You can reach me here:

Due to the amount of mails I get it can take some time for me to get back to you.

If you are writing me about a commission remember to write commission in the subject line. Chances are I will spot your mail sooner and get back to you.
If I haven't replied in a week or two try writing me again as the mail can be stuck in the spam folder or be lost.

I thank you all for the lovely and kind mails I get each day. Though I do not reply to all, simply due to lack of time, I read them all and appreciate your support. It means more than you can imagine