- Never enough -
I will never be pretty enough. All the make up in the world won't make you love me...

In a world that seems more or less obsessed with beauty and perfection it's hard to feel good enough. You can 'hide' under a mask of makeup. There's tools to cover up beauty mistakes such as smoothing and perfect your skin, make your nose appear slimmer, accentuate cheekbones.. and on and on.
Sometimes I wish we weren't so obsessed with perfection.
I am guilty myself of being this way.
I think in many ways our world today has created this way of thinking. All the insecurity, which is created by always showing people with perfect skin and the perfectly slim body in magazines etc.
I think it's a big issue and it's affecting so many in their life and the way you feel about yourself.
I made this drawing last year but didn't feel comfortable posting it at the time.
I wanted to keep the drawing with a simple and with a light shading making the focus on the lip area and the eyes, I really worked on getting just the right expression in her eyes.
Made with a HB pencil.
Bigger version

Never enough