- Angel Tears -

I haven't been drawing much lately. With the Easter came a lot of travelling to see family far away, a bit of partying+ a lot of other things. However, I have been working on this on and off since the beginning of April.
The girl in the photo is from a photo I received to my latest winter contest. While it didn't fit a winter themed drawing I just loved the image and wanted to use it for one my angels. She had this beautiful look about her and I loved the pose.
I was aiming for a lighter and less detailed look, in the style of the angels I did in 2006. Most of the time I try to achieve more depth and stronger shading but I like the lightness some of my work had earlier, with the emotions being the main focus.
I feel I achieved that with this one. I tried a more vivid and different way of doing hair as well, making it look less "polished".
All in all I am happy with this one.
Entry for the Winter Contest:
Angel Reference
Made with soft charcoal.
( 40x30cm | 16x12”
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Angel Tears
© Zindy S. D. Nielsen