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- The Broken Chain -

I won't say too much about this drawing as I want you to make your own thoughts and interpretations of it.

I started the drawing in January and just recently finished it as I decided on the background. I originally intended something slightly different but I am happy with the end result as it has the mood I was hoping for.
As always the drawing is a mix of imaginary elements and realism.
I wanted the colour scheme to be rather pale and not too bright and strong in colour to match the mood.

I really enjoy studying the sky and how it changes with different weather. I have quite the collection of sky photos and I look through them whenever I am going for a certain mood. There is something very free about drawing skies.

Made with colour pencils and pastels.
( 30x40cm | 12x16”
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The Broken Chain by Zindy S D Nielsen © Zindy S. D. Nielsen

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