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- Snow White -

I am very happy to finally show my finished drawing; Sleeping Beauty (Snow White).
It took me almost 6 full days of work to complete this. Needless to say the ivies took me an incredible amount of time. For some reason my patience have been extra good this year.
The model is Debbie Smith, whom I have used numerous times. When she started posting at the ZindyZone Forum I fell for her unique beauty. When she posted a stock series of Snowwhite photos I fell for the pose and decided to do a Sleeping Beauty.
Photo: link
I have to admit I didn't try as hard to resemble her as I usually do, I mainly used the pose but you'll hopefully still recognize some of her features.

Colour pencils, Lana sketching paper.
(29.7x21cm | 8.2x11.7")
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Snow White Sleeping Beauty by Zindy
© Zindy S. D. Nielsen

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