- Girl of hearts -

I started this some weeks back, before I went on vacation and am happy to finally have it completed. She is quite special to me. I really have a thing for the gothic lolita look and wanted to create a girl in the lines of that, with a lot of "sugar". Outfit and everything is made up, I only had a reference for the pose of the body. I was a bit concerned about the drawing being rather light but it wouldn't have been right with too heavy shading for a soft pink girly theme like this. I wish I could post a larger version of this as it would show much more of the details but due to all the art thieves I can only post my drawings small.
She is nothing but love
For details:
Girl of hearts details
Made with colour pencils and pastels for the background.
(30x40cm | 12x16")
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Girl of hearts
© Zindy S. D. Nielsen

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