- Bunny Girl -

Happy Easter!:)
I thought I would do a different kind of Easter drawing. I actually had this planned since August last year, when I did this photo shoot with my friend. She is wearing my favourite bra and my bunny ears, it look so cute on her I think.
I have put quite some hours into this drawing. I worked a lot of her face and eyes, to make a smooth skin and some natural looking light blue/ grey eyes, as oppose to the more dark blue I usually do when using colour pencils.
I wanted to do a sweet drawing, with a bit of seduction into it.
I like how the background turned out though I had my struggles with it, because of the paper not taking the pastels in very well.

Made with colour pencils and pastels.
(21x29cm | 8x11")
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Bunny Girl Amanda
© Zindy S. D. Nielsen