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- Your Kisses -

You know those kisses that brings you to heaven.. like you are flying.
This drawing has probably taken me somewhere between 20-30 hours, working on it quite a bit. I started it some time ago and finally finished it the past days.
I feel happy with it, mainly because I really like the motive. Been a while since I did a couple drawing like this, especially in this big size. It's really difficult to keep the proportions right as you shade, when it's this big. Though it wasn't easy I loved doing it and I tried to do a lot of detail in it.
I used a tiny add as reference. I used a lot of time changing her features and giving her the right hair, to make her my own creation.
I also changed the shading as the light wasn't coming from the right direction.
Made with my soft coal pencil.
Bigger version
(40x50 cm /16x20“)
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Your Kisses
© Zindy S. D. Nielsen
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