(Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson and Bella Swan/Kristen Stewart)
Twilight © Stephanie Meyer

I feel a bit diverse about this one. Mostly because Twilight is everywhere and it’s hardly original to draw something from the movie these days.
However, I did this because I promised a whole lot of you and after watching it with my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day I got a different view on it. It has something special. While it is not my favourite movie ever I think it’s different and I like the little thing about the vampires glittering in the sunlight – a little different.
I also like the fact how natural these actors look like, it wasn’t as glamorous as I expected.
So, this is for those of you who requested it.

As for the drawing itself, I based it on the movie poster, as I am sure you can tell. I did however move Edward down to make it look like they are standing beside each other instead. I also changed the shading in Bella’s face to make it less contrasted and a bit softer. I struggled a lot on the likeness and I feel she’s very hard to get just right, her features are rather unique.
This has been a rather time consuming drawing and I started it quite some time back.
Made with soft charcoal.
(40x30cm | 16x12")

Story and Characters © Stephanie Meyer
© Zindy S. D. Nielsen