- Nim - The undiscovered vertebrate -

This is my first time drawing a lizard of a sort. The beloved Nim from the series Surface.

I don’t how many know the show Surface. It aired in the US in 2005, being from Denmark I discovered the show in 2006 and since then I have loved the show and it remains one of my favourites even after years. It’s sad how these kind of different and exiting shows always seem to be cancelled - yet the same random shows continues over and over again and again – such as model shows and designing houses programs – sorry I am just really tired of these.

Surface is about a new vertebrate in the oceans being 'discovered' by a marine biologist Laura Daughtery, a teenage boy Miles and Rich Conelly, teaming up with Laura to bring the knowlegde of the new vertebrate out in the public. You follow these people's stories and how the puzzle all come together towards the end. Read more here: [link] and watch a sum up on youtube: [link]

I don’t know what it is about it but it had my heart from the very beginning. If you ever have the chance to watch it please do!:)
Surface only lasted 1 season but I know a lot of fans still continue it in their heart – geeks like me I guess ;)

You can see some captures from the show here, also the little nimmy, so you have idea how he looks like: [link]

Enough talk, just had to share my passion for the show.

The drawing was done over several days, with charcoal, 8x11 inches.
Made with soft charcoal.
(21x29cm | 8x11")

Nimrod from Surface
© Zindy S. D. Nielsen