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-Magical Moments -

The result of many hours work. Main goal with this one was giving it a realistic feel with a mesmerized expression. I find it challenging to catch that feeling in a person. It's not always easy to portray, especially not when the mouth is slightly open. It can easily get a very different feel to it. However, I am satisfied with the emotion portrayed here. I must say I used a lot of time perfecting the skin and freckles, not to mention the eyes. I wanted them to have the right sparkle while still looking natural.
I used the cute Debbie as model again. I adore her cute freckled face. There is something unique about her, I think it's the natural look she has that fascinates me. I also worked quite a bit on the hand, building up the shadows and lines, to give a natural soft look. I maintained the slightly lighter shading on the hand as I think it adds to the perspective of her looking up against a lighter "top".
Blue butterflies are my favourite and reminds me of love.
Made with soft charcoal and pastels for the butterfly.
(40x30cm | 16x12")
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Magical Moments
© Zindy S. D. Nielsen

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