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- Dreamland -
(Boa Kwon)

This drawing is one of my own personal favourite drawings. I came across a photo of Boa some time back but was unable to find it in a decent size, to work from. However, while searching for a bigger version I came across some other beautiful photos of her and decided to do something similar to what I originally intended. I knew I wanted something dreamy (yeah I do love that dreamy theme) and something both light and dark, hence the fading into white.
I feel happy with the expression and cropping although she do not look completely like her, I don't think I caught her sweetness completely but I tried to get it across the best I could. It really is a hard angle to draw, seen from below + she's tipping her head to the side making the lines almost vertical. I did struggle to make it fit and look right.
That being said I am happy with it. I loved doing her lips - so shiny and such a great shape.

Made with soft charcoal.
(40x30cm | 16x12")

© Zindy S. D. Nielsen

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