- By the lake -

After my latest horse I knew I had to draw another horse, in charcoal. I thought it would be nice to try and mix a horse with a girl. I used the same horse as model for my last one, only a darker version of her. As model for the girl I used a picture of a girl from my forum, Jeanine but changed here features and expression a little. I wanted her to look innocent and light against the beautiful dark horse. I originally intended dark skies but as I drew the sky I felt it looked much better with a grey sky with a bit of light near the earth.
My biggest concern was not being able to make it look natural with the 2 different subjects coming together in 1 piece but I think it went alright with how the light falls and such.
I am happy how this turned out, it has a certain mood I think.
Made with soft charcoal.
(30x40cm | 12x16")
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By the lake
© Zindy S. D. Nielsen