- Beautiful Pauline -

A drawing I did for my friend Pauline, she's one of the most beautiful and caring friends. You probably recognize her from a few others of my drawings. I really like using her as a model as she has this sophisticated look about her.
I worked a lot to achieve the right depth and realism as well as a feeling. She has that slight smile on her lips. Originally I intended something very different for her but decided to do a realistic portrait as the emotion sort of changed throughout the process from more dark to sweet. It was quite interesting to work at and see the change. I guess sometimes a drawing has a mind of it own :)
This is only a part of the originally piece. After finishing it up I felt it looked better cropped and close up, it brings out something more.
(29x21cm | 11x8")

Beautiful Pauline
© Zindy S. D. Nielsen