- Nunu -

This cute dog, Nunu, belonged to Jorge Garcia (Hurley from Lost). Sadly she died last spring as Jorge was leaving Hawaii. I felt so sad for him back then and started the drawing. However, as with many of my other drawings I don’t finish them till late after, even when I only need to finish a few strokes. I work weird this way. I guess us moving is good for me as I find a lot of my older work when packing down my drawing pads and put the unfinished artwork into folders.

The drawing is dedicated to Jorge, for being a great actor and making Lost so much better. He was my favourite character and I was happy they didn’t kill him off in the early seasons.
Jorge used to blog at blogger and I had the pleasure to follow him for about half a year. He’s this down to earth guy with an awesome humour, the world needs more Jorge's.

Jorge blog and where the reference of Nunu is posted: link

Created with charcoal.
(21x29.7cm | 8.2x11.7")

Nunu by Zindy S. D. Nielsen
© Zindy S. D. Nielsen