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~ About ~

I am searching for different models for my Flower Girls series. I am looking for different types and nationalities.
There are no rules to how you should look other than you should be a girl - obviously - and be able to take a close up photo of your face and you hand.

I am looking for different attitudes but primarily sweet natural expressions such as in the drawings below.
Along with a head shot you should include your hand in the photo as well, something similar to the drawings. Angle can be different, as long as it includes your hand as I need it to incorporate with the flowers.

~Usage ~

The drawings will be used commercially for merchandize, such as postcards, posters, keyrings and more.

All the flower girl drawings will eventually become a calendar, probably in 2012, which will be available for everyone to purchase.

If you are interested all you need to do is take a couple of photos and send them to my email. You will be notified if I decide to use you for one of my girls. By submitting your photo to this project you give your consent the image is being used commercially.

Email me at:
Note: submitted photos won't be posted online

~ Updated ~

I'm currently in need of girls with:

- A darker look (a gothic touch)
- An Asian sweet look.
- A very light skin and very light blonde hair
- A beautiful darker latino look

*However, if you are none of the above I still would love to see your photo*

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